5 Books That Will Change Your Life!

Here is a short list of books that I feel changed my life in profound ways!  They have each opened my eyes to the world around me and taught me about love, the human condition, and how to pursue my dreams to live a happy life.  Next time you are looking for a great book check out these personal recommendations!

Do you have a book that changed your life or that you’ve read more than once out of pure joy?  Please share!

I’ve recently discovered audibles and I’m like…where have I been all these years?!  I wish I had started listening to books years ago!  I usually have 2-3 books going at a time, and it takes me a painfully obscene amount of time to get through them.  Mostly because I read a few pages and nod off!  Listening on my 30 minute commute has really become a way for me to start the day off on a positive note and allow me to take in some good reading time!  If you haven’t ever tried an audible, Amazon Prime has a free trial as well as the Audible app (perfect for people who have an Android device).  It’s easy to listen using your bluetooth device so you can still concentrate on driving!!

Happy Reading!

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