Thursday Thoughts…Are You Kind To Yourself?

being kind to yourselfOur heart is one of the most powerful parts of what make us human.  We unlike most species on the planet, have this crazy broad range of emotions, can build life long relationships, and can create a life based on passion and not just survival alone.  Our innate primal purpose in life is to love but we often struggle to love ourselves.

Protecting our heart is important and often overlooked.  I don’t mean hearth health in the way of diet and exercise, I don’t mean having confidence, nor do I mean getting rid of toxic people in your life.  What I would like to challenge you to think about is how we treat ourselves and how we can be more kind to our own heart.

Often, we look outward to feel loved and be content but we are not born in the mindset to have negative inner dialog or to feel unworthy of happiness and good things.   Somewhere along the way, it becomes second nature to think negatively about our appearance, or we put blame on ourselves for something that went wrong, or we predict we won’t be good at something or that something won’t work out.  We begin to go through life looking through a lens that is skewed, and that’s when life gets to be really miserable!

Why is it that we often treat others better, forgive others more easily, and accept other people’s imperfections?  In the upcoming days, be mindful of your inner dialog and challenge any negative self-talk by asking yourself…Would you say that to someone else you care about?  Chances are, you wouldn’t!

We are really tough on ourselves ladies!  We are super judgmental of ourselves and hold such high expectations.  This raises my next challenge, the next time your girlfriend complains about the way she looks or beats herself up, instead of validating her, challenge her and ask her why she speaks that way to herself and remind her she wouldn’t treat someone else in that regard.

Let’s also be more mindful to be better and more positive role models in the company of younger women and girls.  We owe it to them to end the cycle of beating ourselves up by setting a healthy example of what loving yourself is.

A great exercise to find out if you are in a good place within…look directly in the mirror, look into your eyes and tell yourself, I love you.  The first time I was told to do this, I thought it was kinda silly.  It was very powerful, so powerful, I cried when I said it to myself.  It’s easy to say “I love myself” but there is something about looking in the mirror and saying “I love you” that triggers something within.

Being kind to your heart means loving yourself and having acceptance for yourself.  It means feeling lucky and thankful to be the person you are.  Begin to recognize your intentions of why you do things to create meaning, celebrate milestones of personal growth, and relish in the moments that you bring joy to someone else.  You never know who you inspire along the way!


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