Comfortably Uncomfortable…

treesI am currently in full throttle mode!  I’ve been working longer hours at the design firm, I’ve started working out again to regain energy and rebuild muscle, and I’ve been creating jewelry for my Bohope Life line (in case you didn’t know…that was a shameless plug!)  Life in every essence is full and busy and I am continually challenged to balance taking care of myself and tackling the things I want to get done.

One of my goals after I got married was to get stronger after I had fought my way through sciatica and lower back disc issues through chiropractic and physical therapy rehab for a year.  Then I got sick and was forced to put it on the back burner (remember that post about creating harmony??)  Now that I have worked and dedicated myself to being in good health, I made the decision to revisit that goal of mine.

Often times, we get caught up in the routine of life and the monotony of it all.  We get comfortable within ourselves and goals can seem like a big obstacle or something unattainable.  Pushing ourselves starts with a shift in mindset.  You have to become comfortably uncomfortable.  This is the realm where change and personal growth happen, and a spark of energy and passion ignites.

How many times in life have you pushed yourself and felt uncomfortable about starting something new?  Don’t worry though, that’s totally normal!

Think of it in terms of when we were little learning how to swim.  At first we would swim in the shallow end, perhaps with swimmies, becoming comfortable in the water, learning how to paddle and kick.

When we had mastered that stage, we were encouraged to move to the deep end.  At some point  we had to decide to venture into the deep end.  It happened organically and we had to trust that the techniques we learned would work and that we would be ok.

Life is a lot like that big pool with the deep end.  If we stay in the “safe” shallow end, is that enough for you in the life you are living?    What have you been secretly wanting to do but putting off out of fear?  As adults, we can start limiting ourselves and refraining from continuing to grow and evolve.

Getting out of your comfort zone, is really all about becoming uncomfortable.  Something magical happens though…an awakening within yourself will kick in and you will find that inner trust that we all have and it will get you through it!

Not to worry, being uncomfortable is only a brief state, we are really way more adaptable than we often give ourselves credit for being!  Starting Monday, I will be challenging myself with 15 other women and I will be pushing myself beyond my comfort zone.  While I’m looking forward to the experience, I can’t help but feel a bit anxious about it.  What’s getting me through this is thinking back to other times that I was starting something new and what I had gained from that experience in the end.  After all, if you change nothing you will get the same results!

I will be tracking my progress and I’ll be in a position to encourage the other women in my group and I couldn’t be more excited to be part of a group that shares the same goal of self-improvement and empowerment.  I know it will be tough, I know that I will have to dig deep, and juggle all that comes with committing to this challenge, but it will be another experience in life that will make me a better person.

So I am now going to challenge you…what have you been putting off?  Embrace the idea of change and taking on something new, and be comfortably uncomfortable.  Remember, I’m always here along the way!


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