Glimmer of Hope Quotes

Here are my favorite quotes about finding that glimmer of hope when your world seems to be crumbling!  For me, feeling even an ounce of hope can ease my mind and gives me great motivation to build a happy & healthy life.

Hope renews…hope fuels the soul & hope allows us to move beyond pain and grief.  In the moments of darkness, hope can be that gentle hand to help you climb your way to the sunshine.    I think feeling hope rejuvenates us and keeps us going in life especially when times are tough.

Hope also makes me thankful for the joy and abundance in my life.  Hope is what helped me throughout many times in life where I questioned what if or what could have been.  It’s like an old friend I call on when I need a boost!  A warm hug that whispers to my heart that things will work out and it will all be OK.

So if you are out there and need to find your glimmer of hope, here are some quotes that I love, that I feel are the essence of the beauty in hope.  Enjoy!!!

Do you have a favorite quote or moment in your life where hope got you through?  Share with me!!


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