Girlfriends For Our Sanity!

quoteGirlfriends are the people in our life that know us so well and can help us when we are feeling detached and lost.  They are the glue that binds us to our identities, and who remind us of our youth and our free spirit.  They keep us grounded and make us laugh and can be both brutally honest and be our soft place to fall. They are our therapists, our dating counselors, our motivators, instigators of fun, and our great cheerleaders in this crazy life.

This week I want to shout out all the girlfriends, soul sisters,  and BFF’s out there!  I urge you to plan something fun with one of your friends in the next week or two.  (If you are reading this and thinking, yeah like who has time for fun…then you DEFINITELY need some GF time!)  If ever there were a prescription to fix a broken heart, a loss in life, a health scare, or just a sh***y time in life, it would be to hang out with one of your dear girlfriends!

quote  Studies show, having meaningful friendships and dedicating special time for spending with girlfriends can boost health and make us live longer!  One reason I think it’s so important is because we as women share with other women on a different level than with our spouse or family.  The bond that girlfriends share is like no other and so much of what we learn about ourselves is through our experiences with our girlfriends.

quote collage    So make time, chat it up, share a lot, and thank your sweet friends for all that they give us girls!  Without them life would be a lot less fun!

One thought on “Girlfriends For Our Sanity!

  1. This was something that took me years to realize that I needed my girls back!!! When you find that friend who holds your hair as you puke, keeps the wine flowing as you cry your eyes out, or video tapes your drunken nights….. Don’t let go!!!!!

    Definitely glad to have finally found the missing piece to my puzzle called life….. Even if the piece is torn, it still fits…..

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