Have the best summer yet!

As we get older I feel like summers go by faster and faster!  The other day I watched the old movie, The Sandlot, and I was flooded with memories of long summer vacations in the quiet neighborhood in CT where I grew up.  Where we chased the ice cream truck, rode our bikes till the sun went down, ate our lunch on the grass, camped in the backyard, and gathered with the rest of the neighbors to play all sorts of games.

Ever find yourself saying the summer went by too fast or feel like you blinked and it was back-to-school time!?  Savor the sweet summer season by creating a bucket list now so you can start having those magical moments.

Have the best summer yet!

Here is the list I created to get inspired.  If you have kids, make the list with them!  I find when I have fun things to look forward to it keeps me going.  Don’t let another summer slip away, start creating those epic memories now!

bucket list


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