How to motivate yourself!

I think most people want better for themselves and are inherently able to work hard and dream big, but in life it can become difficult to get motivated and stay motivated.  What motivates you?  Some people are motivated by validation, some by monetary rewards, some are motivated by status, while others are motivated by personal achievement.

Staying motivated comes from feeling like what you are doing is working.  Start trusting yourself when you begin something in life and believe that you can do it!  Wanting to be better and do better for yourself is motivation in itself!  

Feeling you deserve more in life and wanting to be happier, healthier, more fulfilled is the spark that ignites motivation and leads to action!  Once you have this motivation and trust that you can accomplish your goal, this is where oftentimes it gets tricky…how to stay motivated when it seems like what you are doing isn’t working?  Commit to the process, decide how important it is to you, and how much you are willing to invest in time, money, etc. to achieve it.  Remember it might take multiple attempts to reach your goal and you might have to change your plan at some point.

Forbes has an incredible article on finding what you instinctively need as a human to be able to take risks and get motivated.  Are you in need of stability and a sense of “safety” within your environment, do you need more supportive people and a sense of “belonging”, or do you need to be validated and have a sense of “mattering”?   When you realize you have these three things in your life, it is the foundation of trust within yourself that will help clear yourself of fear and allow you to take a risk and go after your dreams.

If you are struggling to stay motivated or get that spark to start working towards a goal, here are a few pointers to keep in mind…

Research – Find people who have accomplished what you are going after and gather as much information from them and ask them tons of questions.  People generally want to share what has worked for them and helped them along the way.  It’s also great to gain support and a network of people you can rely on when it gets tough.  Mentors and coaches can help you stay on track and work through those moments of doubt or frustration.

Go online and read blogs, articles, and get some books that you can start reading and learning from.  Knowledge is power and once you feel educated about an area of interest, it’s amazing how motivating it can be!

Get Inspired – There is no one source of inspiration but in life you need to decide what gets you energized whether it be travel, art, movies, physical activity, music, nature, people, community service, hearing a lecture, taking a class, or trying something new.

When you are inspired it is easier to create a vision for yourself and believe that it can be done.  Allow yourself time in your life to do these things that give you inspiration.  Life can get so hectic and sometimes breaking a routine and being spontaneous, can be just what you need to launch the start of something new and exciting!


Build a Network of Support – Share with family and friends and people you trust, your goals and what you are working towards.  If you meet someone who is involved in what you are doing, have them mentor and coach you along the way.  Build that connection and let them know you would appreciate their guidance and support, and check in with them to discuss how you are doing every so often.

This will help you stay accountable and remain encouraged.  Knowing you have people in your life that are supportive and believe in you really helps you stay on track.

I hope these tips get you thinking and helps you in your quest to reach your full potential! Do you have a strategy of your own to get motivated?  Please share!!  Let me know in the comments.


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