10 Simple Swaps to Lose Weight & Get Healthy!

Over the last few years, I have made these swaps and seen great results.  Sometimes it’s easy to forget that weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise.  To start getting real results, do these 10 things and I promise you will see results.  These are easy swaps you can do to jump-start your health and weight loss goals.  Stay tuned for more simple solutions and recipes to get healthier right now!

Eliminate sugar in your coffee.  I know, I know, it’s kinda painful in the beginning but trust me, you are drinking your calories and it’s ruining all of your other efforts you make!

Stay away from all the artificial sweeteners, they are not doing you any favors either.  If it’s truly unbearable, switch to green tea, there are a lot of great flavors now that make tea a great option!



Swap regular milk, cream, half & half, non dairy creamer with almond, cashew, or coconut milk in your coffee and cereal.  Cow’s milk is harder for your body to digest and it has a lot more sugar in it.




Swap your regular pasta for some of the great new options out in the grocery stores!  Start making quinoa pasta, brown rice pasta, chickpea pasta, or try the new spiralizers out there and make zucchini pasta!  These are super easy to make and you won’t feel like you are depriving yourself of a comforting bowl of pasta.  Quinoa is my personal favorite, which has more protein and comes in shells, elbows, spaghetti, and rotini shapes.

These are considered to be lower glycemic foods than regular white pasta and helps stabilize blood sugar, metabolism, and is also beneficial in minimizing inflammation in the body, stress hormones, and are heart healthy.

A side note about gluten-free pasta or going gluten-free in general…although most people are fine with consuming gluten, for those of us with sensitive stomachs (those that don’t have celiac disease but have an intolerance or sensitivity to gluten), this swap will really help you.  Going gluten-free or minimizing your intake is a personal choice but one to certainly consider.  There are healthier options for bread out there like ezekiel found in your freezer department and hearty artisan breads that are made in your grocery store bakery.  A good test to see if you are sensitive to gluten is to remove gluten from your diet for a solid week or two, then reintroduce it and see how you feel.


 Swap your mayo on sandwiches and salads for hummus, avocado, or dijon mustard.  This will cut your fat dramatically and will actually add more flavor to your food.

Next time you opt for chicken, tuna, or egg salad, ditch the mayo and mix with mashed avocado, pinch of sea salt,  and lime juice!  Yum without the guilt!


Swap your favorite bottle dressing for balsamic vinegar and olive oil.  For a creamy caesar dressing, try mixing a spoon of hummus with lemon juice.

Don’t fool yourself with ordering the salad if you are trying to lose weight.  The dressings out there will defeat the attempt to make a healthier choice.  Google some of your favorite salads and you will be shocked at the number of calories in them!  When in doubt always ask your server for oil and vinegar!


Don’t skip your breakfast!  Kick start your metabolism for the day with a protein shake if you lack time or the stomach for a big breakfast.  Look for quality protein powders that have stevia extract and have a protein of at least 20g per serving.  Vegan and plant-based proteins are super clean options and come in yummy vanilla and chocolate flavors.  Total Vegan is my personal favorite but Vega is a good alternative as well.

Skipping meals or not eating throughout the day spikes your blood sugar when you do eat, which inadvertently makes your body go into “fat storage mode”.


Swap out your yogurt for fresh fruit with and a nut butter.  If you are eating yogurt every day, try to make it a habit a few times a week.  There’s just too much sugar in yogurt these days and they are marketed to make you think they are super healthy when they aren’t.

Not all yogurt is created equal!  Look at the labels, some have 15-18 grams of sugar!  I find getting a plain greek yogurt and adding a drizzle of honey & fresh fruit is a better alternative.


Swap out white potatoes for sweet potatoes.  With the right seasonings, sweet potatoes can easily turn into savory goodness and pair beautifully with a lean protein and veg for a healthy dinner.

One of my favorite dinners is veggies, sweet potatoes, and chicken roasted in a dish with some olive oil and sea salt!


Swap soda, both diet and regular, for sparkling water.  This is a must for people who crave and consume soda daily.  Look for a sparkling water not mineral water, otherwise it will contain sodium.

If you are good without soda, have fun experimenting with flavored waters.  There are great water infusers on the market now that make it super easy.


Swap out your ground beef for extra lean (ratio of 93/7%) or lean ground turkey for your meatballs, casseroles, burgers, chili, and meatloaf.



Stay tuned for more recipes and tips to reach your goals!   Remember to follow me on Pinterest for healthy recipe ideas.

Leave your comments with your tips and how some of these swaps work for you!



4 thoughts on “10 Simple Swaps to Lose Weight & Get Healthy!

    1. Thank you Christine! I love when I find something easy and simple. I just learned that as we age, our bodies need more healthy saturated fats (like avocados) for energy management. This makes it even more beneficial! Plus it tastes good 🙂

  1. Another idea is to cook spaghetti squash in place of pasta. But you are right, there are now so many good alternatives to flour-based pastas.

    I don’t know if I have the willpower to give up my daily cup of coffee with half and half, but I’ll try your suggestion and let you know how it turns out. 🙂

    1. I haven’t mastered spaghetti squash, I think I add too much salt. Please share your method! Do you roast yours? I am so happy our local supermarkets are starting to cater to us, who have special food needs! Thanks for the comments! Yes!!…let me know how you are liking your coffee. You can do half and half on Sunday mornings, it’s all about moderation! 🙂

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