Simple Ways to Make Your Week Better!

air plantLIVE A WELL LIVED LIFE STARTING TODAY! (7 Ways In 7 Days) This post is designed to take your week up a notch and give you some tips that are simple and effective in boosting immunity, adding positivity to your daily grind, and will give you a much deserved dose of pampering!  Have you started following me on Pinterest?  I am so passionate about trying new products and I always share great finds with my readers, so make sure you connect with me!

Remember to sign up to receive my newest tips, recipes, and latest discoveries so you don’t miss out!  The following are all tried and true favorites of mine, and I’m so excited to share them with you so you can start creating moments during the week to look forward to you and that are super easy!

1teaTea is a simple pleasure in life and is a social ritual in many cultures.  Many problems have been solved over a hot cup of tea among friends or your beloved pooch or kitty!  It often forces people to slow down and nothing is more comforting than sipping a yummy smelling cup of tea.

My personal favorites are mint, chamomile, tumeric tealemon, and ginger.  Want to take your tea to the next level???  Mix a blend of organic ginger, turmeric, and cinnamon with your local or raw honey and steep in your favorite tea or boiling water.  This spice blend has incredible anti-inflammatory & immune boosting benefits, so drink up!


2Lavender is not only one of my favorite scents, it also is full of health benefits and aids in relaxing you and promoting good sleep!  Pick yourself up some of this amazing essential oil and I promise you will be sleeping better and feeling less tense during the week.  lavenderAt night right before bed, put a small drop on pillowcase and if I feel a tension headache coming on, I also put a drop and massage into my temples.  If you suffer from insomnia or toss and turn a lot in your sleep, my favorite use is rubbing some lavender oil on the bottom’s of your feet!  Incorporate this soothing scent into your nightly routine, it’s an effective way to decompress from the day and naturally wind down!



Dry Brushing is a little known secret and a practice that is really popular in Europe and among estheticians and beauty spas.  dry brushingWant to reduce the appearance of cellulite, exfoliate and get silky soft skin, detoxify & stimulate your lymphatic system, and unclog your pores?  Add this to your daily beauty routine to maximize results or shoot for a doing this a few times a week.  My advice is to invest in a good quality natural bristle brush and a good quality natural moisturizer that is paraben free like a cocoa or shea butter.  My friends at Mind, Body, Green has a great step by step tutorial on how to dry brush.

4Foam Rolling is my back saver!  I have several disc issues in my lower back and so preventative maintenance is key to avoiding that awful back pain and sciatica!  Please invest in a $20-$30 foam roller and start using this 5-10 minutes out of your day and I promise you will learn to love it and not be able to live without it!  I now bring mine on vacation with me! woman foam rolling This is perfect for those of us who sit behind a computer for long periods of time, have a commute to work, and suffer from back, hip, or tightness in the glutes!  It’s also phenomenal for those of you that love to run/jog and are super active!  It takes a little getting used to like anything, but stick with it and breathe through it the first few times.   Check out this article on simple moves to get started and get rollin’!  This one is my favorite foam roller on the market by Trigger Point Performance.

5Sugar Scrub…I mean c’mon, who doesn’t want silky smooth skin that has that healthy glow!?  My favorite hands down is the Shea Sugar Scrub by Tree Hut.  They have a ton of yummy smelling ones that are all certified organic and full of vitamins and nutrients for your skin.  Use this 1-3 times a weeksugar scrub and you will love it!  The best part is this is sold at Bed Bath & Beyond, so you can use your 20% coupon and get it next to nothing!  My favorite smell is the Coconut Lime, it smells beachy and reminds me of being on vacation!



Facial Spray by Mario Badescu Skin Care is a new favorite of facial spraymine.  There is something so refreshing about a good quality facial spray.  It’s invigorating and so easy to use throughout the day.  Leaving work to go on a hot date?  This will refresh your skin and won’t interfere with your makeup!  Use in between meetings at work or if you wake up feeling sluggish or run down.  This formula is all natural and paraben free, with aloe, herbs, and rosewater.


7Candles are my favorite way to create atmosphere in my home.  Lighting a candle is a simple way to make a room cozy and comforting after a long day of work!  My new favorite candle is bysoy candle Seeking Balance in the Awaken scent which is basil & lime.  It’s made with an all-natural soy wax blend, colored with all-natural vegetable based dyes, and includes a sustainable wooden wick.  It comes in really cute packaging that is also earth friendly.  The label is nondescript and goes with any style decor, which I love!

So there you have it, 7 simple things to fall in love with!  Do you have a favorite product  you use during the week that you would love to share?  Shoot me a comment!