Spring Bohemian Handbags – 2016 Trends

quoteHaving a fun seasonal bag is a great way to switch up your look and freshen up your style for Spring!  A handbag is an extension of ourselves and everyone has certain features or styles that they look for.  Nowadays there are so many to choose from and available at all price points, which I love!  They now even offer vegan leather styles which I’ve seen a lot of while pulling for this post!  I guess Pamela Anderson was on to something!!

I often get bag envy and I always thought it would be fun to host a bag borrowing night with your close girlfriends.  Each person would bring a handbag from their personal collection and puts it into a mock-up display area.  Then everyone shops them and selects one to borrow for the season.  Serve cocktails and some apps and you have yourself a fun girl’s night!

A Spring bag is essential in creating your look for Spring/Summer so here are a few of my favorites I have spotted recently;

woman with purseI love this graphic, zentangle-like pattern and is a versatile style, shape, and color for the season.  It’s now on sale at Kohl’s for $51.75!!

woman with purse

I love this one by Elf is $210 and has hand stitching and brass stud details.  This style comes in a few colors, I personally love the tan/nude color!  The over the shoulder strap makes it even better!

pink purse

This crossover style is so cute with the tassel detail and chevron stitching pattern.  Find this at Nordstrom for $228, or use this as inspiration and find a similar style at your local TJ Maxx or Marshalls.

blue purse

I love this fringed tote that has this subtle ombre effect!  This bohemian style is sold through Free People and is $198.


silver bagLast but not least, my personal obsession, this crossbody from Anthropologie, on sale for $58.  This is available in both silver and peach and has these beautiful medallion cut-out designs.  It is also available in other colors and as a tote version!

Boy did I need this next item the other week when I was grocery shopping, unloaded my entire week’s worth of groceries at checkout, only to realize my wallet was still in my other purse I used the night before!  Ahhh!!  An added bonus, if you are like me and love bags but struggle with keeping them tidy and organized, this will be a huge time saver for that.  It also makes it super easy to swap out for your other bags on a whim.  (this is on my wish list!)

bag organizer

This one from Open Sky is available online for about $21!


  • Adjustable size – Easily collapse the organizer to a smaller size by using the buttons located on each side
  • Two zipper pockets on each side
  • large middle section where you can place large items (like the iPad or a book)
  • pockets in the front and back for you to reach for smaller items conveniently without having the item drop into your purse
  • Strong enough to sustain possible external damages, so go ahead and throw your purse around. You are safe now 🙂
  • With hidden handles to allow you to take the purse hanger in and out of your purse. This feature allows you to switch purses in an organize fashion and never again leave something behind

Happy shopping girls!




2 thoughts on “Spring Bohemian Handbags – 2016 Trends

  1. Your guide is a good start but by no means is it the absolute definitive guide to women’s handbags. It will help explain the basics in terms of shape and function, and hopefully by the end of the post we’ll understand what makes a hobo different to a tote.

    1. Thank you for your comments! I am always on the hunt for new and exciting trends and styles! These are just a few that I saw from exploring online for the spring season. I agree, there are so many great options out there and this is just a small sampling of the amazing designs out there! 🙂

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